Our People

A Congregation of Families

MacGregor EMC is a congregationally driven and governed church. We believe strongly that a church is not supposed to be about any one person, but is instead supposed to both serve and be about its people first and foremost. Below you will find out more about who we are as a congregation, a little about how we go about our day to day life as a church, and also a little about our pastor.

Our Congregation

MacGregor EMC is a small country church of about 100 people. We have a fairly even distribution of ages and walks of life, with the balance weighing most heavily on seniors, 40-somethings, young adults and youth. As a congregation, we place a strong value on being welcoming, on community, on quality Bible-based preaching, and on always seeking after God in our lives and the world around us. If you want to find out more about what we believe, click here.  If you want to find out more about our history, we invite you to check out our page on GAMEO.


Our Missionaries

MacGregor EMC supports a number of missionaries in the region, in Winnipeg, as well as abroad. Our supported missionaries perform many different roles in their ministries, from youth and support workers to pastors of their own congregations.

A thank you from our missionaries, the Barkman's, as well as a brief update of their goings on at Moody Aviation school.

Our Governance

MacGregor EMC is a congregationally led church where all matters of great importance must be voted on by an assembly of members. For the day to day running of our church and its ministries, the congregation appoints a church board and a church ministerial who work together to accomplish the mission of MacGregor EMC.

If you want to find out more about how MacGregor EMC is governed, or if you want contact the pastor or the board, click here

Our Pastor

Russell Doerksen was called to serve as lead pastor of MacGregor EMC in August of 2017. Pastor Russell is originally from the Interlake region of Manitoba, where he grew up as a farmer on a mid-sized Turkey Farm. He is a graduate of Providence University College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in 2007, and of Providence Theological Seminary, were he earned a Master of Divinity focusing on the Old Testament and Biblical Languages in the Spring of 2014. Russell, his wife Shannon, and their baby daughter Noelle live in MacGregor. In their spare time, Russell and Shannon enjoy watching a good show, visiting, as well as drinking far too much coffee. 

If you want to find out more about Pastor Russell's beliefs and thoughts on matters -whether they are serious or not- feel free to contact him.